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W2CCA Enrollment Documents

To enroll and benefit from the W2CCA program each aspiring candidate must submit a formal application to the FITSI Foundation.  The FITSI Foundation requires the following:


  1. Documentation of a candidate’s personal information.
  2. Documentation of a candidate’s injuries that meet the eligibility criteria of the W2CCA program.
  3. Two endorsement from professional colleagues that attest to the character and attitude of the candidate to complete the W2CCA program.
  4. A formal attestation by the candidate that the information provided in this application is true and correct.

Below are the following documents:  (click the PDF document below)

Endorsement Form - to be filled out by professional colleagues and returned with the application by the applicant.

W2CCA Application Form - Active Duty - to be filled out by service members still on active duty.

W2CCA Application Form - Caregiver - to be filled out by a caregiver of a service member wishes to attend in place of a qualifying service member.

W2CCA Application Form - Separated - to be filled out by service members that have separated from their service.